Portfolio Management

Easily track, analyze and report on the performance of your portfolio companies & investments. 

An out-of-the-box portfolio monitoring and business intelligence tool for the alternative investments industry.


Centralized Tracking of Portfolio Data


Collect Financials, KPIs and ESG Data


Automate Data Collection


Simple Data Submission Process for Portfolio Co's via the Portal


Manage Value Creation Plans & Assign Tasks


Visualize portfolio data through dashboards & charts


Integrated Reporting to Investors


Export Reports to MS Word, Excel and PPT


Automated Asset-level Returns Calculations


Asset-to-Firm-Level Analytics

Portfolio Data Metrics

Track your Portfolio Companies’ Key Metrics

  • Centralized tracking of individual company /asset-level portfolio data
  • Monitor key metrics including financials, KPIs and ESG data
  • Automated workflows to enable efficient collection of portfolio metrics and data on a periodic basis
  • Analyze your investment performance at the asset, fund, portfolio and firm level

Portfolio Dashboards

Unlock Insights on your Portfolio through Dynamic Dashboards and Analytics

  • Out-of-the-box portfolio data analytics and visualization functionality
  • Gain insights by analyzing and comparing data across your companies, assets and funds
  • Easily aggregate financial, KPI and ESG metrics across assets and funds
  • Create custom dashboards, reports and charts relevant to your firm

Asset-level Returns

Calculate Asset-level Valuations and Returns

  • Perform valuations of assets in a fund / portfolio
  • Automatic and error-free returns calculations
  • Track valuations and returns over time

Integrated Investor Reporting

Report your Portfolio Data to Investors at the Click of a Button

  • Share asset-level performance data with your investors
  • Provide engaging charts, descriptions and performance information on your portfolio to investors
  • Seamless integration with your Investor Portal allows you to do this at the click of a button

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